I have spent the majority of my life in the great state of Ohio. I attended The Ohio State University and received my B.S. in Education in 2011, and then received my M. Ed. in 2012. I currently teach third-grade and wrapping up my fourth year of teaching.

I live in central Ohio with my beautiful wife and son. It has always been my dream to publish a book that my son would enjoy reading.

When not writing, illustrating or teaching, I can be found enjoying the outdoors, cooking, playing with our two dogs, Harvey and Elmer, or wrangling one of the many chickens (and soon to be goats) on the Kelley farm.

The idea for writing fairytale rivalry stories came from creating mentor story examples for my third-grade class. We were starting our unit on adapting fairy tales and I decided to create a story along with my class, to better help the students understand how to adapt a classic tale.

After writing the story, I had a thought that these books, with a little polishing, could be turned into full-fledged published books. I spent the better part of a year, mulling over, editing and creating sample illustrations before finally sending the first manuscripts off for review. My original Cinderella, adaptation was titled SammyElla and did not feature the buckeyes at all. That first manuscript was rejected by at least 5 different publishers. After an additional year of letting the story marinate in my mind, I decided that I could change the books further, using Ohio State Buckeyes as the main characters! I rewrote the manuscripts, changed illustrations and a new story was born. I sent the newly written manuscripts, and newly designed illustration examples, off to Mascot Books, praying for an answer soon. Amazingly enough, I received a call the very next day! I was over-the-moon excited and the process began.